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CLEAN//SHIT - Mirror Universe Tapes Releases Split!!

Thanks TacoHomo!  


It’s pouring rain, a summer polar vortex is about to destroy crops in the midwest, your husband can’t get it up, that picture of your boat got zero likes, someone is killing peacocks in an upscale community in Los Angeles… this world fucking sucks. But! Don’t you fucking fret… because two of your favorite bands have released a split!!!


That’s right kids, Clean Girls and Vulture Shit released a cassette through Mirror Universe Tapes earlier this week. My personal favorites are “Divorce (Hooray)” and “Portion Control”, but you’ll have to buy it to hear it! So, go do that. As in now. Now is a great time to explore your most Expensive Tastes.

And, HEY. Go to this show and cry out of joy with us!!!!!!!!!
Slow Animal +Vulture Shit +Cousin Brian +Hard Nips +Black Rainbow 7/24